As an organization, XOIOCOM places high premium on clients’ satisfaction, therefore you need to take note of the following concerning the warranty on our products.

  • In the event of a product that is deemed to have a manufacturing defect, XOIOCOM products come with 1 Year exchange warranty service for such goods.
  • For customers who are located in Continental USA and Canada, return shipping and exchanges are free, within 30 days of purchase of a product.
  • An extended warranty is offered with 10% of the cost of the device
  • For a product to be accepted, original packaging and ALL of its content must be present and returned. This includes manuals, accessories and gifts with purchase or other included or bonus items.
  • Original package of the product must also be in good condition as incomplete or damaged returns may be refused by XOIOCOM.

Warranty Void

XOIOCOM may not be willing to accept any product whose warranty is void. You should therefore note the following relevant information about XOIOCOM warranty and what voids a warranty.

  • Adjustment or repair of a product by anyone not approved by XOIOCOM voids the warranty;
  • This warranty supersedes any other one that may be made whether in writing or verbally between a client and a representative of XOIOCOM;
  • The warranty does not allow any other individual to assume for it concerning any liability on any product sold by XOIOCOM;
  • Any product that has been subjected to misuse, negligence or accident shall not be covered by this warranty.
  • The warranty only applies to the original person who bought the product.
  • There shall be no amendment or alteration to the warranty except by a written instrument signed by XOIOCOM and the client and shall only be valid in Europe;
  • Once a customer is not located in located in Continental USA and Canada, such customer is to bear the cost of returning a product;
  • Similarly, when a customer is located in located in Continental USA and Canada and does not return faulty products within 30 days, there shall be charges on the exchanges made between such client and XOIOCOM

Steps to requesting for RMA

When the need arises and you need to request for an RMA, Please kindly follow the steps below to submit an RMA request and you can be sure you will be attended to as soon as possible:

  1. Submit a  ticket by  sending an email to rma@xoiocom. Make sure you attach video & pictures regarding the issue. This will help us get a clear picture of the challenge.
  2. Exercise patience while we review and approve the return. We shall then issue an RMA number and post return instructions in the ticket (you will receive an automatic email notification). We shall respond within 48 hours.
  3. The faulty part is shipped back to us.
  4. We receive the part from you and extensively test the product.
  5. We inform you of our findings and ship you the replacement or issue a refund.